Yay for Domains!

December 31, 2005

Yay! Last night me and my dad bought new hosting for me ^___^

I’m still waiting for the e-mail that tells me all my logins and stuff, but still, yay.

I don’t know why my posts have been soooo short recently, nothing really to talk about. =D I got bored yesterday so I went to Celestial Hikari Designs (which my friend owns) and made all the Div Layouts have valid CSS and XHTML 1.0 Strict, hehe. Can you tell I’m bored? I’m working on the table one… kind of. I don’t like tables you see, and I have to go through the entire thing and get rid of the CAPITAL tags which are just like, wrong. (You know, instead of ) I’m super excited about hosting, but I want the e-mail already! -grrrawwwwrrrrr!!!-


Rachel McAdams

December 29, 2005

lol, this is funny.

Rachel McAdams is my neighbour’s sister in law’s niece.

This is just FUNNY.


Holy Crap -freaky-

December 18, 2005

-attacks wordpress- that’s for deleting the first part of my post, anyway, it went something like this.
OMG! That’s so freaky. I was typing out my signature for Toasty BBS when I noticed something. 
Take the ‘first letter’ of each, and you get
Which are my initials, Mackenzie William Colman.
Anyway, I also just noticed…

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November 22, 2005

95%. 95% of my class failed Geography, including me, however, it never occoured to our geography teacher that if that many people failed you can’t have been doing everything right in teaching. This has only ever happened once before, with Mr. Liburdi, but Mr. Liburdi skipped part of the curriculium and taught us grade 8 math instead of the reproduction part of science in ‘the human body’, so I don’t think anyone was worried that they had actually done bad, because he kicked the ‘bad’ test off our report cards. Anyway, I’m pretty sure 95% of my class failed, at least, I think that’s what my teacher said to my mom on the phone, because first my mom started off saying 95% failed, and then 95% percent failed the ‘Open-Note Book Test’, so I’m not exactly sure. Mrs. Graziano (our geography teacher) is crazy about underlining everything in red pen. Like I care? I never do, not in any subject, what a waste of my red pens.

Wouldn’t you think, if you were a teacher, that if 95% of your class failed something (anything) that you would be the one responsible. I mean, people don’t go stupid in bunches like that.

Alaina kind-of copied my history model from last year, kind of. I had real grass and real water, she had real-ish grass  (it looked like she tried to dig the grass out of her lawn in one piece) and paint-mixed-with-water. She either did a beaver dam or an aboriginal encampment, last year I did an encampment. I feel kind of cheated, but not really, I ‘confronted’ her about it at lunch recess and she was all like ‘what? no I didn’t’ but then by the end of the day I was nice to her again because she started being nice to me again. I kind of like Alaina (in the friend-ish manner) but you know, I just don’t.

I should probably post here more often, seeing as it is a privledge, but you know, I get lots of homework, and I’m at the stage of the year where I’ve adjusted to having so much homework but I’m not too-good at getting it all done really fast.

I need to buy new hosting. I need to bother my dad until he does. I keep forgetting, and I hate talking to my dad. He’s cool, like, not cool, but like, laid-back cool, and kind of cool-ish (in the dad kind of way). I can’t make my mom because she doesn’t understand any of it, (domain registration, domain hosting, gigabytes, bandwith, space, cPanel, Fantastico, it’s no wonder, really).

I wish I could have a cool calendar plugin, where I could mark my dates of things to do and not just show when I blogged. My brother is ‘yes’ing at me, well, kind of, I think he’s doing something to his pocket knife… adjusting a screw or something? Whatever, see you later people.



New Site

November 13, 2005

Yeah. I made a freewebs site, because I need to still be HTMLing while my domain is offline. I’m going to buy hosting soon, I swear. Clicky Here. I’m still working on the content, but I’m going to build it up and then get it hosted. And by then hopefully my domain will be back. And then comes Christmas. At Christmas I’m getting a debit card, and then I’m going to make myself a paypal account, so that I can complete a referral offer for Jennifer and get free domain name + reseller hosting for a year and then I’m probably going to buy 1 more domain name and put it on my reseller. Then I’ll be a domain-control-freak and pround of it. Anyway, this post is just babble now, it’s over. If you have any suggestions for the HTMLery comment them here!



November 3, 2005

Uber-WOAH. My Principal is whack, in a very scary way. Today we had an assembly. First we sang the National Anthem (Canada), then we said the Our Father (Catholic), and then, Mr. Bornais, the principal, sang a song about our houseleague teams! Yay! It goes

Red, Orange, Yell-ow, Green and Blue, In-di-go and Purple too!!
Rainbow colours all as one, something something, something something
Happy -clap clap-, Joyful -clap clap-, Teamwork, 1, 2, 3
Singing -clap clap-, Playing -clap clap-, Sportsmanship from me!

Then there’s this other bit that ends up with you repeating the first line, and there are like, ‘hand motions’ too…. It’s so scary O___O;; Mr. Bornais is like, 38, and it’s just the scariest thing ever to hear anyone of any gender over the age of 7 singing it. Now that is why, my principal, Mr. Bornais, is whack.


Cool Images

November 2, 2005

Here are some uber-cool pictures of Japan and China’s streets I found on the internet!!

Hong Kong Street

Hong Kong Street 2